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Isovit: The story

1963 is the year that has gone down in history for the famous phrase "I have a dream". And in that same year Salvatore Vitale realized his personal dream founding Isolombarda ( then Isovit): a company operating in the industrial thermal insulation sector.

The following twenty years are marked by a constant growth: Isovit invests in the technology of its equipment, quickly excelling among the cutting-edge companies.

During the 1980s Isovit expanded its structure: the activities carried out by Isovit expanded towards the sector of acoustic insulation and the construction of scaffolding. At the same time, the company, strengthening the technical sector and all the programming supporting the main production activity, became ready for new challenges.

In fact in the 90s, the years where new regulations relating asbestos and precisely its removal started to be published in Italy as well, ISOVIT specialized in this sector obtaining, in 2004, the inclusion in the Register of Environmental Managers Cat 10B.

In 2006 Isovit, keeping always a constant vision of protection and respect for the environment, also undertakes the remediation of contaminated sites, obtaining in 2008 the inclusione in the Register of Environmental Managers Cat 9.

Since 2014 ISOVIT has also been involved in building works, becoming a quality reference for the execution of maintenance and building renovations, planned maintenance construction of industrial, residential and commercial buildings, specialized finishing works such as painting and plasterboard works thanks to a completely reorganized structure, always in step with the times and changes.

Philosophy & Mission

... to see beyond and imagine a productive future in respect of the environment and, at the same time, improving the lives of those who work and produce.


... issued at the end of the execution of the works is a document with which a company certifies that it has executed and carried out the works commissioned...



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