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Decontamination of
asbestos and eternit
Living and working in a better environment
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Remediation of
land and sites
according to current regulations
to contribute to everyone's health
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Higher yield, lower costs

to save ENERGY

Effective insulation

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for better productivity

Less noisy environments

to WORK better

Effective insulation

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post remediation

thermo insulating

industrial, commercial and civil

Roofing and waterproofing

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in a better environment

Live and work

post-intervention RESTORATION

Construction and



Identification of the source of contamination, quantification of the spread, study of the appropriate decontamination procedure.


Sound proof and thermal insulation. To have a great energy saving and to improve environmental health.
Interventions in MAXIMUM safety

Interventions in MAXIMUM safety

Collection procedures, disposal and reclamation of areas contaminated by pollutants, according to procedures of the highest safety.

Decontaminated sites and compliant companies


There's no 'working profit' so important to put the human being safety and the integrity of the environment in which we live at risk

ISOVIT brings contaminated soils and sites back to the ideal healthy conditions with remediation interventions to radically recover the environment. These actions are carried out in maximum safety by a highly specialized technical personnel.

ISOVIT remediation solutions follow a careful assessment of the situation. Then a meticulous project planning, agreed with the customer, guarantees the return of the optimal operating conditions to the company. All is done in safety and according to the provisions of the law with minimal loss of productivity.
Moreover ISOVIT has been a leading company in the industrial thermal and acoustic insulation for more than 10 years.


It's in the interest of the company itself to be compliant with latest security laws in a short time: it doesn't have to suffer large economic liabilities due to the suspension of production.


It is not an easy task and it can be performed by anyone. Qualified professionals have to do chemical and environmental controls to identify harmful agents.

ISOVIT Services


Asbestos is a product of mineral origin, used for the production of a large variety of products for civil and industrial use.....

acoustic insulation

Disturbing noises are reduced, which sometimes even become harmful, to offer comfort in buildings and protect the operators of the companies and all the people in the vicinity..

Environmental remediation

... is the set of all those specialized and targeted operations that allow the land and areas recovery compromised  ...

Roofing for building

... in addition to being complementary to the decontamination of asbestos-cement roofing, offers to the customers a complete and high quality service....

thermal insulation

... set of technological operations aimed at reducing the thermal flow of heat between two environments that have different temperatures ...


... when it's necessary to provide a complete service for those companies that have carried out decontamination works involving the demolition of various types of artifacts...

Awards and acknowledgments

Our skills are recognized by our customers. Their satisfaction is above ours

Why Choose ISOVIT?

Growing and transforming

This is the path of ISOVIT. It was born several years ago as a supply company of products and services for industrial thermal insulation evolving and then specializing in the remediation of contaminated areas and in the removal of asbestos, becoming a leader in the sector.

The values ​​of ISOVIT

Thanks to the requirements of the law, but above all to its own ethical principle, ISOVIT carries out the reclamation works according to the highest quality and safety standards.


The assessment of harmfulness

Qualified technicians has the task to establish the harmful potential of an industrial product, analyzing the material and its conservation's state.

Specialized figures have to carry out the operations to make the plant safe and the removal of dangerous elements. ISOVIT collaborators are constantly updated on the assessment and remediation procedures.

The essential interventions for our health

The toxicity of some products, especially asbestos, are now well known. However there are still many industrial sites and buildings with these dangerous materials and this is not known to everyone.

During the 1960s this material was widely used in building and construction as its dangerousness was unknown. So its presence in the territory is still a reality.

Restoring the values ​​of healthiness in the workplace and protecting the territory from contamination means protecting the health of everyone and future generations.

Health and legislation

The risks posed by the presence of asbestos in a poor state of conservation are not only related to our health. Asbestos is an element that has been outlawed since the early 90s, and it's the property owner's job to check its presence and remove it.

The law, in this case, is clear. There are risks of incurring in administrative and even criminal sanctions. Furthermore, there are concessions to deduct important portions of the reclamation costs.

If there are any doubts about the presence of harmful or potentially harmful material, it is advisable to have an evaluation carried out by one of our experts.


High quality of the works to guarantee the customer all national and international standards and the certification of compliance with the rules.

It's the rule that dictates the requirements of a quality management system demonstrating the ability to provide products and services that meet customer's requirements and the applicable mandatory requirements.
UNI EN ISO 14001
The rule defines that organization that wishes to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic way, with the fulfillment of compliance obligations.
UNI EN ISO 14001
UNI ISO 45001
With the UNI ISO 45001 standard, prevention policies are enhanced, and the company has an internationally recognized tool to more effectively counter workplace accidents and occupational diseases
UNI ISO 45001
It's the mandatory certification to participate in public tenders, with which it can be proved the company's ability to perform the works offered in a specific tender.
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ISOVIT social activity

Thanks to a venture done by Paderno Dugnano City Hall, ISOVIT participated in an humanitarian project donating two vans for the elderly and disabled tranportation.


That's how Paderno Dugnano City Hall said thanks us.



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