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Flocked asbestos decontamination and removal

Flocked asbestos decontamination and removal



Flocked asbestos is found in not reclaimed buildings, built prior to the ansestos ban. If the structure of these buildings is made of steel pylons, flocked asbestos sprayed with plaster, cement or other types of binders may have been used to create an acoustic, thermal and fire barrier, especially in hospitals, schools, gyms , shopping malls, factories, thermal power stations, rail cars, ships, airplanes, etc.

Even some parts of the roof of those buildings may have been insulated with asbestos, although this material was no longer used since 1980.


The flocked asbestos removal is really important. It is potentially harmful to human being health due to its dispersion with low mechanical stress. Flocked asbestos has a very low cohesion to the support and is characterized by an easy friability.

For this reason, all decontamination techniques first of all do the fibers imbibition and fixing with the detachment phase. The intervention foresees that all communication outside the building to be decontaminated is sealed and, during the procedure it's necessary to use special air extractors with absolute filters to ensure the protection of people and operators in the environment area.

Therefore, the flocked asbestos removal procedure is the same as the friable asbestos removal procedure.

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