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The decontamination and removal of friable asbestos



Asbestos is friable when some parts are compromised and can be easily broken with a minimal mechanical stress. Therefore the friable asbestos product is really dangerous as the fibers are free and / or weakly linked together. So it coud be easily reduced to dust and manually removed. But it's important to have many cautions during the removal. All decontamination actions must be carried out with maximum safety criteria due to the high possibility to inhalate asbestos: a dangerous for humans life.


Inside the fabrics of firefighting suits, in flame extinguishing blankets, theater curtains, curtains for the containment of the heat of tunnel ovens; ropes, tapes and sheaths used as lining of hot pipes and electrical cables. These elements can even be made up of 100% asbestos; paper and cardboard used as fire barriers and gaskets for ovens or boilers; filters built with asbestos paper used in the chemical and food industry..


After the control procedures and danger verification of absestos presences, we proceed with the decontamination area and friable absestos removal. The area subjected to friable asbestos decontamination must be isolated to set up the site and the location of the removal works.

The environment confinement takes place through polyethylene layers: this prevents that the fibers released during the works could contaminate the surrounding air. Thanks to adequate aspirators, the environment is depressurized, allowing a continuous air flow from the outside to the inside. The polluted air is sucked by the extractors and the harmful material in it is then filtered and collected in special containers.

The final removal will take place after all these preparation actions using a wet system with encapsulating and impregnating products. The friable asbestos, constantly wetted by these agents with a diffused low pressure jet, is removed from the furthest extractors area up to the air flow direction. This allows the fibers absestos removal released during the works by the already decoibentated areas.

The waste disposal produced by the decontamination needs a lot of care and attention in order to not disperse harmful fibers. The accumulated bags will be taken to the unit material decontamination and permanently removed from the environment.



NOTE: for this operation you need the local health authority authorization to proceed.

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